About Us

Driver’s Ed. for Ontario’s Boaters!

BoaterSkills.ca is a recreational boater training and education centre, located at Port Credit Harbour Marina, Port Credit, Ontario. We provide private on-board instruction and boater certification courses for power and sail up to 75ft.

On-board training – we come to you

BoaterSkills.ca instructors are licensed, INSURED captains that are available to you seven days a week throughout the boating season. Our hands-on approach to instructing you on your own boat is the most efficient and effective method for preparing you to start boating with confidence, regardless of your level of experience. We’ll help you to develop the skills and knowledge to safely operate your boat, from docking to open water operation. Include your family or crew and get everyone trained for one great price! With BoaterSkills.ca, we develop safe, knowledgeable boaters. We make it safe, we keep it fun!

Towing Instruction

If you have recently purchased a trailored boat and are new to towing, our full day clinics teach you how to safely launch and retrieve your boat, docking, close quarters maneuvering, open water operation and so much more!

Yacht Deliveries

Need to move your yacht? We are experienced, licensed and insured skippers who can help. Your delivery will include instruction along the way! Contact us for more information at 905-484-2628, or email us: info@boaterskills.ca

Capt. Craig Hamilton, BoaterSkills.ca

“For many, practical driving instruction is the key to safer boating. For first time boaters, it’s not enough to simply get your operator card and go. Talk to us today about private instruction clinics for either power or sail, single or twin engine up to 75ft, and we’ll help you to have a more enjoyable, safe summer on the water.”

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