Group Training for Marinas




Group training now available

Ontario marinas can now sign up for weekend onsite docking and close quarters instruction for their boaters. Group Training allows multiple boaters and their crew to receive docking instruction together for just $299.00 per boat.


Power and Sail

This 4 hour training program teaches safe vessel operation for power boaters and sailors. It includes a 90 minute boat handling seminar with Instructor Craig Hamilton, followed by a two hour hands-on training session on each member’s boat (additional time available on request).

Two hour on-board instruction

  • The dock plan: knots, lines and fenders
  • Departing and returning to the dock
  • Springing on and off the dock for windy conditions
  • Learn your vessel’s maneuvering characteristics
  • Crew instruction


Open water operation

Operating a powered vessel requires skills away from the dock as well as in close quarters. Learn how to follow “lines of safety”, maneuvering in windy conditions, and operating safely in busy traffic areas. We also refresh you on navigation aids and Rules of the Road.

Benefits for marinas

Every marina operator wants to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all their members. Together with, marinas and their members now have an affordable and practical hands-on way to make boating safer for everyone!


Coordinate a group training weekend

It’s simple! Speak to a managing representative at your marina about coordinating a course. Find a minimum of four boaters who would like to participate and then contact us to register. will work with your marina to coordinate the date, time and course fee. Minimum cost: $200 per boat

Port Credit Harbour Marina
1 Port Street East, Port Credit ON L5G 4N1
Phone: 905-484-BOAT (2628)
“Make it safe, make it fun!”

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