Safe Boater Endorsement Certificate

Save on Marine Insurance with our Safe Boater Endorsement Certificate!

Being instructed on your boat by a licensed Captain is the best way to develop knowledge, skill and confidence. Students who receive our Safe Boater rating can use this certificate to save money on their boat insurance with a participating broker.

What is a Safe Boater Endorsement Certificate?

The Safe Boater Endorsement Certificate is available only through It is proof that you have completed a practical boat handling clinic with an industry recognized educator and have demonstrated safe operating skills to an instructor. Our instruction is recognized as common sense training by Marine Insurance Brokers in Ontario, including our good friends listed below.


Don’t see your current broker?

Ask your broker about discounts for boaters who receive on-board training and contact us if there are any questions. develops safe, knowledgeable, courteous boaters. We make it safe, we make it fun!

Frequently asked questions:


What operator skills must be demonstrated to earn a Safe Boater Endorsement Certificate?

1. Depart and return to the dock safely and with control
2. Maneuvre in close quarters and open water with control
3. Knowledge of the Collision Regulations (a refresher can be a part of your clinic)
4. Knowledge of safety requirements for student’s vessel (a refresher can be a part of your clinic)

Do I have to take a test for the Safe Boater Endorsement?

No. Your instructor will issue the endorsement on request providing the above mentioned four (4) skills and knowledge points have been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the instructor.

What if I am still having difficulty with docking following a clinic?

Learning curves vary, but every student gains new knowledge and skills with our boat-handling clinics – guaranteed! If your instructor feels you require more practice before being issued a Safe Boater Endorsement Certificate, you will be advised on what to practice on your own to improve your skills. Of course, additional instruction is always available. Contact us for more information.

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