Slow Down, Bow Down

An important message to all powerboat operators

Operating through near-shore zones with the bow-up can produce a damaging wake. “SLOW DOWN, BOW DOWN”.
Ensure your boat levels off before operating within 30 metres of shore.


Near-shore speed limits – Canada

10 km/h within 30 metres of shore
(9 km/h in Muskoka)

Unsure of your speed? Slow down to idle for 10 seconds to allow the hull to level out. Add just enough throttle (1000 rpm or less) to maintain a bow-down aspect until clear of the 30 metre near-shore zone.

You are responsible for your wake and the damage it may cause.

Not all boats create wake equally, so please watch your wake when near shore. Monitor it by checking over your shoulder until clear of the near shore zone. If necessary, proceed at idle speed only to eliminate your wake.


Help us to promote this message: “Slow Down, Bow Down” teaches safe boating practices to all our students. We hope to see everyone using the Slow Down, Bow Down practice this year when operating near shore and when approaching other vessels.

Please leave your wake on the lake!

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