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How many different knots can you tie? This site will help you to learn the knots every boater needs to know with simple to follow animations.

We recommend learning the following knots:

  • Cleat hitch for tying dock lines
  • Bowline – for tying an eye-splice
  • Round turn two half-hitches for practically everything else!

The Office of Boating Safety provides important news and key safety information to Canadian boaters. Click this link to the Safe Boating Guide to learn about required safety equipment, vessel licensing, buying a boat and much more.

How well do you know the buoyage system? Click this link to The Canadian Aids to Navigation System Here you will find information on lateral, isolated danger, cardinal and special buoys.

Boating Ontario is a wonderful resource when searching for marinas, services, boating events and more. BoaterSkills.ca is a proud member of Boating Ontario.

Discover Boating is a public awareness effort managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) on behalf of the North American recreational boating industry.

The Canadian Safe Boating Council promotes safe and responsible boating in Canada. Please support safe boating awareness in Canada by becoming a CSBC Member today. BoaterSkills.ca is a proud supporter of The CSBC.

SmartBoater.ca is an excellent source of boating safety information. Follow the link to SmartBoater.ca for access to free videos to help you to become a smarter boater!

Boating in Toronto? Don’t forget to renew your Powered Vessel Operator Permit for this season! Click  HERE to be directed to our PVOP (Harbour Permit) page.


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BoaterSkills.ca is proud to be a member of Boating Ontario. Visit the Boating Ontario website today for lots of great boating information!

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